One or the Other

Photo Credit: by aisfashionstudents

As we wind down the hazy, hot, and humid days of summer, I look back on all the good times and all the foolish fashion choices.  With much dismay I shake my head and am amazed every time I see a guy wearing…


Really spicy olives are my guilty pleasure and on a hot summer night I enjoy a scoop or two of pistachio ice cream.  I love socks and I love sandals but olives and ice cream belong together just as much as socks and sandals.   For those of you reading who are actively making this mistake, please cease doing so immediately, it’s not too late.  One of my ex boyfriends hated showing his feet in public, even on the hottest days he refused to wear sandals.  Looking back now, I applaud him for being wise enough to know better than to wear socks with sandals.  And truth be told, some girls are not into guys exposing their feet.  I never understood why, but I have heard this from many women.

For a quick recap/math lesson: Socks + Sandals = never ever allowed.  It is one or the other folks.  If you are going to wear socks, you are going to wear closed toe shoes.  If you want to wear comfortable summer shoes but are afraid of a chill, invest in a nice pair of boat shoes or loafers from ALDO or Banana Republic.   Trust me they are, as one of my wisest and best dressed male friends often says, “Worth every penny.”

Quick Aside:  If you are someone who thinks that wearing socks with sandals during the colder months makes up for the fact that you are wearing sandals during the wrong season, well, you may be beyond help.

4 comments on “One or the Other

  1. Jack Carrow says:

    When will you cover crocs? Also, the Uggs/Crocs combo I’ve seen but never worn *wink*.

    • Hi Jack Carrow and welcome to my blog. I was definitely plannning on convering man Uggs but I hadn’t given a ton of thought to crocs. Thank You! I shall add it to my list of topics and keep an eye out. Please keep reading and stay tuned…


  2. Islander505 says:

    I’d like to address the “socks with sneakers” issue.

    Since when did wearing ankle or calf high socks (white) become unfashionable?
    And the rather foo-foo footies (often with little fluff balls on the back) be declared de riguer?

    THEY SUCK!! They often slide down towards your heel (it feels like you have a dead mouse in your in the back of your sneaker), the material is usually inferior (imported cotton–from ANTARCTICA), and they always disappear in the dryer. (regular cotton sox have a longer life expectancy).

    And is Obamacare gonna cover all the money I spend on blister creme for the back of my ankles from rubbing against the shoe cuz these tissue paper thin foot coverings are always sliding down?

    Screw this….I’m bringing back knee-highs.

    • Hello Islander505 and welcome. I love your comment. I can tell you are a person of passion and I love it. I too hate when shorter socks slip down into my shoe, it is so annoying and does cause blisters! I think your last line says it all, however I really have not seen a man rocking the knee socks since the Dodgers left Brooklyn. However with your charisma, I know you have the power to bring them back in style. Please keep reading and commenting, more posts pertaining to socks to come…..


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