Head to Toe

A few weeks ago I was in a posh East Village bar and grill called The Penny Farthing with two of my best gal pals.  After we ate dinner my friends were asking me when my blog was going to get off the ground.  Since I am new at blogging I wanted to get some opinions from people who were strangers to me about the topic of men’s fashion mistakes.  I spotted three twenty something guys at the bar and decided to approach them.  I convinced them to come sit with three pretty girls (well that didn’t take much convincing) and I said I would buy each of them a drink if they told me what they felt men should never wear.  After about an hour of conversation, a lot of laughs and even more eye rolls- all they really said was “We hate when guys wear salmon colored pants.”   Were those three drinks a waste of my money?  I am not sure.  That comment had me thinking about men and color choice all together.  My advice for today is to take it easy on…


Kudos to all men who are comfortable enough in their own masculinity to wear pastels. I commend those of you who know how to pull off a lavender polo, mint colored pants, or even periwinkle shoes.    I guess the point I am trying to make here is; men should wear pastels but never head to toe.  If you think that participating in a golf outing, attending the Kentucky Derby, or gallivanting around a country club in Greenwich, Connecticut are the exceptions to this rule; you would be wrong.  I say, “Rock the salmon colored pants!” just don’t walk out of your house looking like a tray of dyed Easter Eggs.

Quick Aside:  Please be aware of your skin tone.  If you are really fair and have a more pink pigment in your skin then red, pink, and orange are not your friends.  Stick with shades and tints of purple, blue, and green.  You’ll never go wrong.


3 comments on “Head to Toe

  1. Islander505 says:

    Hey….easy enough for you to say Maz….but most of us don’t know the difference between a “pastel” and the “burnt umber” crayon in a 24 count Crayola box.

    How come men’s clothes don’t come with a label listing the color genre of the item? You know, the same way Mac n Cheese boxes or frozen Pizza Rolls list their ingredients.

    Hmmm….perhaps you could give Mayor Bloomberg another cause to legislate?

    How the hell are we supposed to know what a “pastel” is?

    • C’mon Islander505, You are well written, witty and I enjoy your candor. I have trouble believeing that you don’t know the diffence between forest green and mint. However it is a little known fact that men are more prone to color blindness than women. If worst comes to worst you may have to call in reinforcements in the form of a loved one, shopping consultant, or sales person.


      • wonkhonk says:

        I was just in connecticut visiting my friend (im from the ues) and we went to a bike. She prepped me that there would be a lot of “bifs and buffys.” She was right. Iturned to her and said that man is dressed like an easter egg. So I was happy to read what you said about not dressing like a basket of easter eggs. I am not alone!

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