Underwear or Outerwear

Everywhere I go I take mental notes about what men are wearing.  Today I had a blast at the U.S. Open and was bombarded with a plethora of material.  Most everyone looked the best they could considering the scorching heat.  Although I am someone who is usually rather decisive there is still one question I continue to ask myself time and time again.  As I witnessed many men doing today I wonder; Is it OK or a fashion faux pas when men wear…


My initial instincts tell me no.  However, after further examination I feel that men wearing white undershirts as shirts are allowed under very specific conditions.  I hope that it goes without saying that this look is very casual, never to be worn at night, on a date, or anywhere of major importance.  At the same time, if you are going to rock the “white undershirt as your shirt” look you have to be physically fit.  I do not mean to be cruel but if you are out of shape or overweight and you try and sport this style, it will only make you look worse.  Please note that white undershirts are extremely sensitive and subject to pit stains.  If the shirt is white and the arms pits are looking a little too run down it is time to toss that shirt in the trash.  Before the weather cools down give this look a try.  If you feel and look as cool as James Dean then you are one of the few who can get away with wearing underwear as outerwear, just don’t lie to yourself as it is not for every man.

Quick Aside: Check out this recent New York Times article about Men, Shopping & Fashion.

4 comments on “Underwear or Outerwear

  1. Shirtless in the City says:

    What do you recommend wearing with the white shirt? Pants? Shorts? Jorts?

    • I have to admit, Shirtless in the City, I was stumped for just a moment trying to think about what Jorts were. I now realize they are jean shorts. As I mentioned in my post the white undershirt look is very casual so keep your bottom half simple. Don’t go nuts.


  2. Sleepless in Astoria says:

    A guy definitely has to have a good body to pull this off. Personally I don’t like when guys wear any type of undershirts as shirts – not just the white ones. I’m talking about those Hanes shirts that come in a variety of colors and that usually just look messy. They are also usually wrinkled and stained – ewww!

    • Welcome to my blog Sleepless in Astoria. I agree sometimes the “undershirts as shirts” look does wind up just looking messy. As I say in the last line of my post, this look is not for every man. Please continue to follow my blog as I plan to write an entire post dedicated to clothing with holes, stains and/or wrinkles. I think you’ll appreciate it.


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