Make It Your Own

We all have teachers that we will never forget.  One particular teacher of mine from high school has always remained in my thoughts throughout the years.  He was the type who broke the rules and all the girls had a crush on him.  He taught American Drama, directed the plays, and took long stoic pauses while he bit the edge of his glasses with one eyebrow raised.  When he took those silent moments, we waited with baited breath to hear what he would say.  I do not remember exactly what words of wisdom came after those pauses but I remember quite distinctly that he would often wear…


This teacher of mine more than rocked this look, he owned it.  I never see anyone wearing jackets with the elbow patches anymore.  When I asked men of all ages what they thought of said elbow patches, I got mixed reviews.  Some thought it was too old school, some thought it was hideous and some agreed with me and said it needs to come back in style.  Can one pull off this look if you are not a witty, iconic, high school drama teacher?  I say yes, it has a certain charm and should not be feared.  Seldom do I see these jackets in stores so you may have to dig for buried treasures in a vintage shop or through your grandpa’s old stuff to find one. (If you find one that is plaid or corduroy then you get bonus points!)   Next time you are in the mood for the retro, distinguished “Dead Poet’s Society” look, get out the jacket with the suede elbows.  Don’t be afraid to make it your own and to be the guy who brings this look back.


4 comments on “Make It Your Own

  1. jay says:

    Thank u for giving us the go ahead on suede patches. I have always been a fan but was not always sure it was appropriate. Write on!

    • Thank you for commenting Jay. I want one of the overall themes of my blog to be “No Fear.” Rock that jacket with the patches, I am sure you will look like a million dollars.


  2. Naughty Schoolgirl says:

    Do you think this look is enhanced with nerdy glasses? How about pairing it with a copy of Catcher in the Rye?

    • Hello Naughty Schoolgirl. I love your username. I myself am a fan of nerdy glasses, whether prescription or for fun they are just one more fashion accessory. If you think of yourself as a J.D. Salinger disciple, identify with Holden Caulfield or you are just a huge CITR fan then yes you must pair the book with the jacket. Good Call! Thanks for the well thought out comment.


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