Make or Break

There are a lot of things that can make or break an outfit.  It always amazes me how a certain great look on one man can look horrible on another.  Sometimes it is the smallest accessory that makes a man look like a real class act or on the opposite end of the spectrum, a real hot mess.  For today’s post I would like to explore the wonderful world of…


Recently I was amidst a conversation with one of my fashion experts and he gave me some very funny and very helpful commentary about ties.  I found it difficult to paraphrase so the below 5 rules are his words and in my opinion rules to live by.

  1. Your tie needs to in some way match your shoes, your cufflinks and/or your belt.
  2. When tying the tie, the knot you know may not be the knot you need.  If your neck is fat and your face is huge, and you need the tie to snake over your stomach full of pasta, use a larger “Full Windsor Knot” if you are long in the body and face, like Barack Obama, use a “Half Windsor Knot” like he does.  It is understated and still thick and powerful.
  3. The tiny knots that were used in Molly Ringwald movies need to stay in Molly Ringwald movies.
  4. If you are fat, do not wear a bow tie!
  5. Skinny ties are clearly back. But they are not for job interviews; they are for Kanye West and “Mad Men,” or maybe a cocktail party.  If you work at an internet start up in the Silicon Valley, then by all means wear this to work. But if you wear a skinny tie, you better have a tie bar or else people will insult you to your face.

The tie is sometimes a man’s only way of showing emotion, attitude and style.  Do not be afraid to be daring with your tie design.  And as far as the knots are concerned, go online and try out some new ones.  I recommend thetiebar.  Be aware, the worst mistake you can make is having a tie that is too short. Like I stated earlier, you will look like a real hot mess.  Consider it fashion suicide.  Also, if you do not know how to tie a tie or do not even own one, you need to get over to Bloomingdale’s, buy a few and learn how to tie them immediately. Check out tie a tie easily for simple direction. I recently went out on a date with a guy and it came out that he didn’t know how to tie a tie, and let’s just say there was no second date.

Quick Aside:  Special thanks to my personal men’s fashion expert, RJM,  who contributed to this post.

9 comments on “Make or Break

  1. MW says:

    A man who doesn’t know how to tie-a-tie is really a sub-standard human. I put him in the same catagory as a man who can’t drive a stick shift. I personally choose to wear ties as infrequently as possible, but when called to duty, I kill it!!!

  2. 50 Shades of Ties says:

    Sorry for the username. All this talk about ties is making me think of my go-to guilty pleasure novel. I really learned a lot in this post! I didn’t even know there were different ways to tie a tie. The links leading to informative websites are especially helpful. Keep up the great posts, fashion master! (or should I say fashion mistress?!)

    • Hey 50 Shades of Ties! No need to apologize, I love the username. So glad you learned something while reading my post. I want not only to help poorly dressed men but to educate as well. Read on!


  3. Sleepless on 12th Street says:

    Agreed! A man who doesn’t know how to tie his own tie is a total turnoff. Hope all the single guys out there take note!

  4. jay says:

    A man who can tie any knot, even the bow does not need to drive stick, becuase people will automatically think he knows how and that is good enough.

    • Welcome back Jay. Our appearance gives off the first impression and the rest is perception. If you are a sharp dressed man people will think you know how to drive a stick shift and then some. Well dressed people rule the world. Good call Jay.


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