Mountain Man

Last night my friends and I stayed local but had a wild post Halloween/post hurricane good time.  After a fabulous party we stopped at a local bar for a few drinks to wind down the night.  I wound up talking to a bearded guy.  I’ll spare you the details about how the night went with this guy and just ask all readers this question: What is your take on men’s…


I hate facial hair on men.  I feel it looks dirty, un-kept and lazy.  Some men slack off with shaving during a vacation or on a sluggish Sunday and that is understandable.  But for the most part my advice is to not be such a sloth and just shave.  I comprehend and agree with the mild stubble look and maybe an extremely groomed mustache but that is as far as it goes.  Over the years I have asked a lot of hairy faced men why they don’t shave.  They always say one of two things.  1- “It keeps my face warm” or 2, “It looks cool like John Lennon, Che Guevara, Abe Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway or even Jesus.”   Queue the eye roll.  I can’t stand when people compare themselves to others that they really can’t relate to but that’s a whole other topic.   Facial hair can be really serial killer/child molester creepy ie: Charles Manson, Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin etc.  Even when I see Brad Pitt sporting that mountain man facial hair look I think he looks like he may as well be wearing shoes made out of duct tape and begging for money outside of the Port Authority.  So unless you are walking around with a blue ox named Babe or you are one of the stars in “Duck Dynasty” do yourself and every person you’ll ever kiss a favor and shave! And, salons are obviously for men too.  For all of you readers that are also New Yorkers check out this link. New York Magazine;Men’s Shaves. And while you are clicking away take a look at this site about What Facial Hair Says About a Man.

Quick Aside:  If you have a beard and it is going gray, you do not look more distinguished you just look old.  Get rid of it gramps.

6 comments on “Mountain Man

  1. shoesmaketheman says:

    Yes, yes, yes, and yes!
    Thank God someone else has an issue with this ridiculous new caveman craze!

  2. Islander505 says:

    Charles Manson? Really?

    Men’s facial hair? Really?

    While you’re at it, how ’bout a shout out for the 2 o’clock shadows on women’s armpits that are always a fantasy buster?

    There’s nothing more sobering than sitting at a bar at 2AM underneath an overhead liquor cabinet, ordering your favorite expensive scotch and watching an otherwise stunning bartender reach up to grab it, only to have the moment ruined by the sight of armpits resembling George Clooney’s face after a two day binge.

    But we get it, women don’t like to shave every day.

    Neither do we.

    And please…..enough with the colorful braiding of armpits….especially when the braids are purchased in matching tandem to the sequins on the sneakers.

    • amandamaz says:

      Thanks for the graphic comment. I agree, no one wants to shave everyday. So some stubble is acceptable on men every now and then. While I very much enjoyed your imagery and detailed account of women’s armpits, I have to stick to men’s appearences for now. But please, keep the comments coming!


  3. […] gray face rug was the loser of the night.  (Please see my post from November 5th titled “Mountain Man” for my take on facial hair)  It was a shame; that gorgeous tuxedo was paired with a white […]

  4. Alejandra says:

    That is a great tip especially to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Short but very accurate info… Thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read article!

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