Pets Not People

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It was another fabulous weekend here in New York City.  Thankfully the weather was cooperating so all the hip and happening folks were out and about.  My friends and I grabbed a late dinner at Mole on the lower west side and then we were off to The Village Tavern for drinks and shenanigans. There were so many young good-looking guys there.  It was one of my friends who noticed first that many men there were wearing…


What a turn off.  I know I already expressed my feelings on sweater vests but this is a horse of a completely different color.  I know people love fleece.  I am not sure where and when fleece became popular but I blame Old Navy.  I get it: fleece is soft, durable, washable, inexpensive, comes in an array of colors, and so on.  And just like anything else, fleece vests have their place, like on the slopes or camping for example. But for the most part fleece should be worn on pets not people and maybe for the occasional blanket.  Out at night in the city on the weekend is not where they belong.  It really annoys me when I see a guy wearing a nice collared button down shirt with a fleece sweater vest.  That is an incorrect juxtaposition of epic proportions.  You would never wear ripped jeans and a tuxedo jacket would you? No.  I guess the point is, do not mix casual wear with not so casual wear.  It looks awkward and fleece vests just look cheap and dingy. Put on a real jacket or a sweater for crying out loud.

4 comments on “Pets Not People

  1. Islander505 says:

    “But for the most part fleece should be worn on pets”
    I don’t know too many people who keep sheep as pets. But then again, I don’t know too many people who live in Montana.

    “You would never wear ripped jeans and a tuxedo jacket would you? ”
    Well yeah, I have. Ever been to a wedding in Alaska?

  2. amandamaz says:

    HAHA It’s great to hear from you Islander505 you always make me laugh and I love your comments. You would be surprised how many people dress up their pets these days. I even had a friend who entered her dog in a fashion show for animal attire only…True Story!

    I have always wanted to visit Alaska, I have heard great things about “The Great Alaskan Bush Company” I know when I visit I will have a lot of material to write about…..until then I’ll have to stick to what I know.


  3. Islander505 says:

    Haute Couture is always in vogue at the Great Alaskan Bush Company. But some visitors become irritated at the women who consistently leave their clothing lying around on the floor.

    Why are so many women so sloppy?

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