Totally Retro

As we grow up we see styles come and go. It is always the most fun to see a look, love it or hate it, then come to find out it is totally retro.  We see our parents wearing articles of clothing in old pictures and swear we’ll never dress that horribly, only to wind up wearing the same thing when it comes back in style.  It was only a few years ago when I saw the super cool dad of one of my gal pals wearing a …


At the time I remember I was thinking, “What clearance bin did he dig that thing out of?”   I forgot all about square ties until just the other day.   I was assisting a friend of mine buy a black Ralph Lauren sweater for her boyfriend at Bloomingdale’s when I saw the display of ties.  They were all so sexy and amongst them I saw several square ties.  The sales associate assured me that they are back in style and very popular.  I was shocked.  After asking around to a few men from an older generation I found out that square ties used to be very well-liked and they are absolutely making a come-back.  It turns out they became widely fashionable in the 50’s and 60’s and are often referred to as flat bottom ties.  Unlike typical pointed tip ties, square bottom ties look good woven, crocheted or machine knitted. I love it!  Very Mad Men if you ask me.  Of course these square ties only look good if they are skinny.  These ties give a fun and flirty vintage look that can be dressed up or down.  In summation, square or flat bottom ties are an outstanding contribution to your attire.


Quick Aside:  I know I already wrote about the topic of ties once before, so just to reiterate check out The Tie Bar for all the best tie information.

4 comments on “Totally Retro

  1. Michael says:

    Lesson learned… Don’t cull out the tie rack. Even dad’s old ties will have their place in tomorrow’s fashion window. Can you say “skinny leather ties”?

    • amandamaz says:

      Hello Michael! You are exactly right. Like I said, a lot of fashions will come back in style over time. You have to be careful though, don’t save everything in the hopes that it will one day become popular again. Only save the best stuff.


  2. Islander505 says:

    Square ties are BACK?
    I didn’t know they left.

    I’ve been wearing a striped one for years. It goes perfectly with my plaid satin shirt, polyester flares and pointed shoes.
    (I only wear the pointed shoes in the summer. They’re great for squashing cockroaches that retreat into corners).

  3. amandamaz says:

    Is this Tony Manero speaking? Be careful wearing head to toe retro, you don’t want people whispering about you wearing a “costume” But it is true, some pieces don’t need to come back in style because they never went out of style. Bravo on looking sharp in your retro gear!


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