For me, flavored coffee from Dunkin Donuts is a real treat.  This morning I decided I deserved this hot indulgence.  There is nothing I love more than hot coffee on a cold day.  As I was waiting for my coffee I observed the men around me, all wearing…


I am truly a believer in wearing sunglasses all year long.  Your eyes are the first part of your face to age so you want to avoid those crow’s feet as long as possible.  I asked a few men I know to tell me what their take on sunglasses was.  Which are the best, which are worth the money, when to wear them, etc.  Here is the feedback that I absolutely agree with.

The sporty sunglasses you just bought for close to $200 are of good name and probably have amazing polarized lenses. Good for you. They are probably block white, or black with blue mirror lenses, and cover half of your face. Therefore, you need to only wear them when you are out on the beach, boat, playing a sport, or on patrol in Kandahar Province.

Too many guys these days think because they sprung for the awesome glasses they can wear them with their suit, or in just any situation. This is not so. If you have a facebook friend who recently got married and posted the groom’s party pictures where they do the iconic and common “let’s all line up in our tuxedos, fold our arms in front of us, and wear bulky black, shiny Oakley’s…because we are a bunch of bad-asses!!!” The shiny mirror sunglasses are OK if you are sitting at the final table at the world series of poker, if you are pitching the last inning of a no-hitter at Yankee’s stadium, or if you are Lance Armstrong. But while wearing formal wear or business wear for that matter, put on a more delicate pair of shades. The bulky Oakley’s are made in the USA and they sure are cool but not made for every scenario.

While wearing a suit, where do you put your sunglasses when you go indoors? They don’t fit right in your suit pocket. And a little etiquette here: you better take them off while inside! Even if you are dining alfresco, in many cultures, it is very rude to hide your eyes. My fashion expert learned this in Eastern Europe…the hard way.

If another pair of glasses stretches your wallet, ditch the Oakley’s and get a pair of Smiths; they are a little cheaper but just as polarized. Then you have some extra bucks to pick up a nice pair of Maui Jims which look amazing with anything and are very durable for the money. If you insist on a pair of Serengeti’s please tread lightly, it has been a long time since “Top Gun”, and the word Maverick now has a whole new meaning…just ask Sarah Palin.


Quick Aside:  A nice pair of sunglasses is an amazing investment and most of the time worth the money.  But, if you are anything like me and you go through several pairs of sunglasses per year due to damage, loss, or lending without return, then do yourself a favor and go for the less expensive pair.

4 comments on “Shades

  1. Islander505 says:

    Yo Maz!!!

    Stick to sartorial splendor and stay out of baseball.
    If my pitcher has got a no-hitter on a cloudy day in Yankee Stadium and then the sun blasts through the clouds in the 9th….leave the Oakleys in the gear bag.

    There’s a school of thought within baseball that says no sunglasses for pitchers. It’s an unwritten/unspoken rule. (But not always adhered to)
    Why? Certain sunglasses can be a distraction to batters (sun reflects off the lens).
    Additionally, since pitchers are “finely tunes machines” (just ask one), wearing them occasionally can be a distraction to them as well. (Pitchers are head cases..a wrinkle in their cap lining can distract them).

    On the other hand (she wore a glove—-Rawlings, I think), I wouldn’t let my left fielder or center fielder go out to their positions in the 9th without them in Yankee Stadium.
    One of the worst sun fields in baseball.

    • amandamaz says:

      You are absolutely right for calling me out. I do not play, watch, follow or participate in organized sports of any kind. I am not the tomboy type of girl. Well I suppose that is obvious since I have a passion for fashion. I got that quip about the baseball pitcher from one of my fashion experts. Thanks for not letting me get away with talking about a topic I am not well versed in LOL. I’ll stay out of sports from now on, I promise.


  2. Peter Kearney says:

    The only thing to say to a grown man wearing subglasses is “Hey Hollywood – their ready for your close-up.”

    • amandamaz says:

      Hey there PK. You are right, wearing sunglasses adds a little “Hollywood” to us all. That is why all men should wear them. You never know when you’ll need to hide from the paparazzi!


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