Never_Tuck_Knits2Oftentimes when I am pointing out a no-no within men’s fashion there are exceptions.  There are, as we all know, exceptions to every rule.  But with today’s topic that is not the case.  One of my favorite aspects of wintertime is men looking fabulous in sweaters.  We all love them. (the sexy sweaters I mean ;-))  Sweaters are often thick enough to cover up the flaws of our body we are desperately trying to hide.  However, under no circumstance can a man look good wearing a


Gross!  I mean you may as well tie it around your waist! (please see my January 15th post titled “Coat Check” to read about how I feel about men who tie jackets, coats, or shirts of any kind around their waists…Nerd Alert!)  In fact tucking in your sweater is not only a major nerd alert, but pretty much makes a man undateable and if you are not dateable your are definitely not going to get play of any kind in the near future.  Men do not tuck their socks into their pants do they?  So why on earth would a man ever tuck in his sweater?  Some may think that tucking in a sweater looks more neat and tidy.  Bravo to those men who do not want to look like a sloppy mess.  Those people who feel that a tucked in sweater is the cleaner look would be wrong; it just makes men look uptight and like their mother still dresses them every morning.  Most all shirts on men need to be tucked in but sweaters are an entirely different animal.  They need to be left un-tucked.  If for whatever reason you feel a sweater needs to be tucked in because it is too long, then get a new sweater don’t commit fashion suicide.  Sweaters should rest right over your belt line.  If you are overweight, tucking in your sweater will make you look worse, if you are super fit and want to show off your hot bod as much as possible then just don’t wear a sweater wear a fitted shirt.  Tucking in a sweater is a lot like putting ketchup on chateaubriand… you are ruining a perfectly wonderful thing.

Quick Aside:  Some old timers and maybe a few golf players may feel that at one time men tucking in their sweaters was “the look”  And maybe it was.  (See image on upper right.)  But now men tucking in their sweaters is just disgusting  and no longer en vogue!

“When I started in fashion, I had already adopted the sailor-striped sweater as my uniform; that way, I wouldn’t have to drive myself crazy trying to figure out what to wear.”

~Jean Paul Gaultier

Scarves, Pashminas, Infinity & Beyond

Photo Credit: vivaglammagazine.com

Photo Credit: vivaglammagazine.com

People are so dramatic about the weather.  I often pay the weather people no mind when they say to stay indoors.  I think it is most beautiful outside when the snow is falling.  On both Friday and Saturday night  I found myself outside walking.  I did not go anywhere too exciting but I noticed a lot of cool kids walking the streets as well.  While the weather is still cold and crisp I want to review all winter accessories.  So what better time to talk about the wonderful world of



First of all, you are never too cool to wear a scarf.  Just don’t let your scarf make a mockery of you.  I know we all are tempted by those hand knitted scarves we see being sold by hippies on the side of the street or at a flea market, but I caution you.  (Just for fun-see this famous clip from “A Christmas Story” where Ralphie’s brother Randy drowns in a scarf amongst other winter gear)  Unless you are a hippy yourself stay away from extra extra long scarves with crazy designs, they are excessive and

they make you look like a fool.  Plus once you arrive at your location (ie bar, lounge, restaurant, disco-tech), you have nowhere to put your wooly mammoth sized neck warmer.  Several men have asked me about pashminas for men.  First of all let’s discuss the difference. I could not find an official definition to differentiate the two so here is my personal take on the matter.  Your run-of-the-mill pashmina is usually around 5 ½ to 6 feet long with fringe on both ends, quite thin but very soft whereas a scarf is thicker, may or may not have fringe, and is meant for keeping your neck fashionably  warm in the cold outdoors.   Both items come in a variety of colors and designs of course.  I see many men here in New York City wearing pashminas.  Some guys think it is more on the feminine side.  I think you just have to be a sexy confident man to wear one.  And what about these infinity scarves?  They are all the rage these days.  I love them and even more so I love how they look on men!  Don’t be afraid to wear a scarf for fashion’s sake only.  Keep in mind that scarves are an all year item.  When spring comes you pull out the thinner pashmina type scarves.  Much like extra add-ons on your burrito, a scarf really livens things up. The bottom line is if the scarf is for warmth it is always best to go with a simple yet sexy design in cashmere.  Cashmere is often more expensive but with the right purchase you can’t go wrong. Whatever way you sway on the topic of  scarves just do not make the three following mistakes.

  1. Never wrap it around your neck a million times or too tight.  It looks awkward and will make your extra chins bulge out and no one looks good when that happens.
  2. Once you are inside you must take off your scarf if it is a thick winter scarf meant for warmth.  I don’t care if you are at one of those funky new age bars made out of ice.  You will look like you are hiding a hickey or something worse under there and that is never going to help you score with anyone.
  3. Never wear those dopey awkward scarves that Grandma Gladys knitted for you circa 1992.  I don’t care if she gave it to you for Christmas, or shaved her alpaca to make it, or she died and this is all you have left to remember her by.  Homemade crap like that is always ugly and fits right up there in the same category as ugly sweaters.

Quick Aside:  Check out this fun link on How to Tie a Scarf so you don’t look like you are trying to choke yourself.

“Know first who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.”
– Epictetus

Coat Check

Photo Credit: Shula Mann Photography, GQ.com

Photo Credit: Shula Mann Photography, GQ.com

Everyone had on their dancing shoes this past Saturday night at a subterranean joint called Home Sweet Home.  Corny name for a bar if you ask me.  If was a fun time had by all at this speak-easy like establishment.  While I was downing what turned out to be way too many cocktails I scanned the room for potential fashion blunders to write about.  I had almost settled on the fashion faux pas made by the idiot sitting next to me when my gal pal pointed out that a dancing fool of a man right in front of us dared to


It reminded me of late 80’s cult classic “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.” Even Keanu Reeves barely got away with this look in the film.  I laughed out loud. Fortunately the jams were pumping at a mega high volume so this clown did not realize I was almost in tears laughing at him.  This was not just a shirt either, this guy had his winter jacket tied around his waist and he was dancing like he wasn’t committing a fashion crime! I know I may say this often, but who does that?  I mean really, think about it guys, when was the last time you wrapped your jacket around your waist?  I know I can be cruel and I was also a little tipsy but I could not stop laughing/shaking my head at this character.  This is New York so obviously it gets cold in the winter and you can’t venture out without a coat or jacket of some kind. But for crying out loud you have so many options other than tying your jacket around your waist. Your first and best option is to check your coat.  However, not all venues have a coat check.  In that case find a corner, bench, chair, coat rack, hook, or anything of the like and put it down.  It’s not rocket science.  Some people fear if they place their coat or jacket down they may never see it again.  In fact my friend put her sweater down that night and when we left her sweater was gone and she wound up with an upgrade from Barney’s.  I guess a word to the wise here is, if you think there may not be a coat check, don’t wear your most expensive coat; especially to a dive.  It is not always what you are wearing but how you are wearing it that can make or break you. I do not care which celebs are bringing back the retro 90’s look or what flawed body part you are trying to cover up, just do not do it; you are not fooling anyone anyway. We don’t wear underwear on our head or socks on our hands so do yourself a favor and the next time you are considering wrapping your coat/jacket/shirt around your waist, don’t.

Quick Aside:  A few celebs have been seen sporting this look lately.  I’m warning you, it doesn not look sexy no matter who you are.  Read this article about this very subject matter. Shirt Around Waist Trend?

“Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art.”
Charles Bukowski