Get Creative

Photo Credit: Photo Bucket

Halloween is my favorite holiday bar none.  Just a few days ago I was catching up with a great friend of mine and he was making fun of me for dressing up every year.  He is a few years older than me and was saying that dressing up for Halloween is for 6 year olds.  I reminded him that it was only about two years ago that he sported a killer Sigmund Freud costume. He stopped making fun of me immediately. (haha)  So given the season I am going to give my input on…


First of all, you are never too old to dress up.  I am even planning on attending the infamous Village Halloween Parade this year.  If you are going out on the town, going to a house party, taking kids out trick-or-treating or want to have fun while answering the door for the whole neighborhood, get creative!  A great costume for an adult man is one that is original and clever.  Store costumes are strictly verboten.  You can purchase accessories from Party City, Ricky’s or what have you but stay away from the “costume in a bag.” It might be surprising but sometimes you can pull a better costume together with items in your closet that you already have. For example if you have an old life jacket type vest from the 80’s you may want to dress as Marty McFly or if you want to toss on a bath robe, a Harvard T-shirt, and pajama pants you can go as Mark Zuckerberg.  You need to keep it classy. Think of a witty TV and/or movie character that most people would not have thought of.  And you’ll get bonus points if you dress as a historical figure.  Here are a few simple do nots for your All-Hallows-Eve celebration

1. Don’t dress as something sleazy, like a pimp, it is no longer funny.

2. Some costumes seem great but are so played out or overdone like Clark Kent.  Be original.

3. Don’t dress as something disgusting like a used tampon.  This equals not sexy which equals not getting laid.

4. Don’t dress up as something offensive, politically incorrect, or risky.  Example: My little brother once dressed up as Osama Bin Laden.  I thought this was not a smart move even though my bro has a lot of nerve.  Don’t take the chance readers.

5. Don’t be afraid to get some of your friends to participate in a group costume.  It is a lot of work and it is difficult to get everyone to agree but with the right group of folks, group costumes are ALWAYS a hit.

6. Don’t be the loser who does not dress up or says you are dressed as yourself in a party full of people who are dressed up.  You will feel left out and look like an outcast.

7. Don’t dress up in a costume that is not appropriate for your age.  I’m talking to you Spiderman.

It is most important to make your Halloween costume your own.  Do not worry if it is not an exact match.  Have fun with your costume and you’ll have fun the all night long.