An Interesting Conversation Piece

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When we are young it seems every occasion merits a T-shirt.  Now in my late 20’s I am amazed when I see my peers still wearing our elementary school class of 95’ T-shirts.  I know it is difficult to throw them away.  Sentimental value is powerful.  Some people just can’t let go of their T-shirts that say “Mazel Tov: Scott’s Bar Mitzvah”, “Gallagher Clan Family Reunion”, or “I got laid in Hawaii: Spring Break ‘04”  Personally I hate novelty T-shirts, but I can understand the appeal.   Before we go any further, I need to stress my position on this topic, do not wear these T-shirts.  Although they have value in your eyes, you will look like an immature fool who can’t grow up if you wear them. So the question for today is, what we do with all of the….


One of the coolest guys I know I met in college.  We didn’t have superlatives but if we did he would have been voted most popular.  If there was an organization on campus, most likely he was a member.  Student council, fraternity, orientation leader, I even saw him at a meeting of the clay club I went to.  Needless to say he collected a lot of T-shirts over the years.  One day I found myself in his dorm room and I was shocked to see on his bed an entire quilt made out of his old T-shirts.  It was amazing.  All of the cool, funny T-shirts he had collected over the years were in this quilt all sewn together to make an awesome blanket and of course an interesting conversation piece.  Please do not get me wrong, I feel most T-shirts like the ones I mentioned belong in the donation bin, but if you just can’t let them go, give your Nana a call and tell her to dust off the old sewing machine and to organize a reunion of the quilting bee because you have a project for her.