The Ultimate Compromise

Photo Credit: Official Movie Photo, Edward Norton, “American History X”

Thus far, this entire blog has touched on various fashion related topics.  Here I would also like to venture outside the box and write about the overall appearance of men.  Grooming, hygiene, etiquette, the works.  Today’s post is covering one of my all time pet peeves…


If you are a man with a full head of hair, or even if you don’t have quite a full head, there is no reason to have your head resemble the fuzzy skinned fruit.  I have met, dated and known tons of men who have beautiful hair yet refuse to let it grow; some even getting one haircut per week in order to maintain their bare dome. It is a sin if you ask me.  If you are walking around with the peach fuzz hairdo then you are going to be mistaken as a skin head, an escaped convict, a Buddhist monk or a card carrying member of the KKK.  If that is the look you really want to portray then God Bless.  But seriously, do you honestly want to be associated with Edward Norton’s character in American History X? I once dated a guy who when I met him had the haircut in question.  His hair was very light so it looked even more awkward.  He appeared as though he was recovering from Chemotherapy.  I convinced him to let it grow out a little on top.  And what do you know; he has the most beautiful curly hair I ever had my hands in.  I was sure if our relationship ended, the Chemo-cut would rear its ugly head immediately, but to my shock he is still to this day sporting the hairdo I suggested and looking fabulous doing it.  There are only two specific exceptions to this rule.

  1. If you are in the military or in another profession where this haircut is required
  2. If you have a receding hairline/losing your hair and need to keep it super short to save your dignity.

This short buzz cut however, will accentuate your worst features.  For example, if you have a big nose, the super short hair will make your nose look even larger Pinocchio.  So think twice, you may be shortening the hair but what will you be adding length to in other areas?  Other than the two aforementioned scenarios, please just let your hair show.  In the ultimate compromise, I recommend going with what I have heard referred to as 3-2-1 cut.  ( i.e. a number 3 guard on top, 2 on the sides, and 1 around the edges)  This way you have at least a little length on top and you will not look like a permanent resident of Bellevue.  And whatever you do, do not cut your own hair or let a non-licensed professional cut it at home.  You will be sorry.

Quick Aside:  I do not mean to be a hater but stay away from Super Cuts.  I have seen only bad hair styles come out of there.  It is worth it for you to go to a reputable barber shop.