Hit the Slopes!

Most people dread the cold weather, but I look forward to it every year.  The colder the better I always say!  Winter time brings hot cocoa, warm fireplaces, sexy coats and lots of time for indoor activities ;).  I try to get onto the slopes to ski every year to live out my inner-most Aspen Extreme fantasies! Most years I am unsuccessful not because I don’t have time but because I can’t find a friend who knows how/is willing/has time to take a ski vacation.  So for now I’ll just look out the window and feel the cold air on my face while imaging the snow crunching and swooshing beneath my skis.  Some might think that when it comes to skiing the rule of thumb is to just dress warm and try not to fall on your a**.  But you would be wrong.  You need to know what you are doing on the slopes and when dressing in your


My jealousy was kicked into high gear Sunday morning when I was having brunch with my lawyer.  She was planning a ski trip and considering what to wear on the slopes.  I got to thinking about men and their ski attire.  Of course you need the basics: warm thick socks, snow pants, water proof ski gloves, a winter coat/ski coat, something to keep your neck warm, goggles and a hat.  Although we always strive to look sexy, the slopes are not the place for men to wear anything too tight.  For you skiers out there, you know that you sometimes need different parts of your body to move fast while making split second decisions.  Any restricting clothing can hinder you, and as much as you may not want to admit it, even the best of athletes fall down sometimes. So, everything you wear should be waterproof, warm and roomy.  As far as your coat, snow pants and gloves; Spyder and North Face are pretty reliable brands.  For goggles most men like Oakley’s or Smith’s.  WARNING: do not think for one second that you can just wear your sexy sunglasses or no eye gear at all.  Most people, myself included, learned this lesson the hard way. Less than half way down even at a moderate speed that wind will tear up your eyes so fast you won’t know what hit you. At that point you won’t be able to see and are putting yourself and other skiers in danger.  Please trust me; you must wear goggles even on the bunny slope.  Choose your ski gear according to your personality, get over to a quality ski shop and try lots of different pieces on and listen to the sales people.  Ski gear can be expensive so choose wisely and make sure you are going to like it for years to come.  (Quick tip:do not buy anything at the ski mountain gift shop, they mark it up tremendously) If you live in the New York City Area, it is worth the subway ride to

Photo Credit: http://www.sacbee.com

Photo Credit: http://www.sacbee.com

Brooklyn to check out Panda Ski & Sport, otherwise take a trip over to your local Ski Barn or Sports Authority. A lot of people like to take this opportunity to wear bright colors and really goofy hats.  Colors are great and hats are wonderfully expressive but you do not want to look like a box of highlighters or an escaped mental patient sliding down the hill… like I said choose wisely.

“Using your ski jacket with its zipper-dangling pass for a night out on the town is a downhill disaster.”

2012 in Review

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Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 2,500 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 4 years to get that many views.

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Tailored Accordingly

Anyone who has ever taking the subway in New York City in the morning on a weekday knows how crowded it can get.  If you are lucky, and perhaps getting on at the end of the line, you may even get a seat.  For those of you who take part in this ritual probably try to relax in preparation for the day ahead while sipping coffee and reading the paper.  Well, at least that is how they portray it in the movies right?  In reality, if I get a seat I know that I am going to get a face full of someone else’s crotch to go with my ride.  Obviously the people who were not fortunate enough to get a seat will stand so close to you and give you a full frontal view.  This happens to me all the time so I am used to it.  But the other day I was exposed to a guy wearing…


They were staring right at me during a morning ride on the subway.  Once again I was annoyed by a man’s choice in fashion.  I don’t know when pleated pants came about, became popular or went out of style.  I just know they have no place on a modern man.   I do not even see pleated pants in the stores anymore and for good reason.  They look awkward and they always have.  They for sure fall under the category of “not sexy.”  While I am a big fan of vintage clothing shops, I urge all men to never purchase pleated pants; used or new.  They say pleated pants give larger men or men with an athletic build more room, but I disagree.   The right pair of flat front pants should fit just fine and will look cleaner as well as more sophisticated. Just make sure you purchase the right size and have them tailored accordingly.  You want them to be fitted and sexy not showing all your goods.

The Trade

Photo Credit: IFimages.com

Very few things drop my jaw.  Living in New York City dramatically decreases your shock value levels.  I have seen people eating out of the garbage, others pleasuring themselves in public, and I even saw a guy holding up a sign the other day that said, “I need money for a penis reduction.”  Yet, I walk on unscathed.  On the other hand, today was the exception.  I was stunned when I saw two guys pulling a …


Let me start from the beginning.  My very well dressed older brother is expecting a baby this Christmas.  My Mom and I decided to do a little shopping for him this afternoon at FAO Schwarz.  After that we headed downtown to grab an early dinner at one of my favorite restaurants L’Express.  We were waiting for the subway at the Union Square station headed home and that’s when it happened.  Two young 20 something guys were standing on the platform switching socks with each other.  I can not even put into words how bizarre it was, and socks of all things.  Who would want to trade someone else’s sweaty socks after a day of walking in the city in sneakers?  While shaking my head all the way home I thought about all the times I have pulled a switch- a-roo with my friends…millions!  (never socks of course)  But for a man let us make a list of when trading clothes is acceptable.  So in regards to men…

1-       It is never OK to trade worn socks and/or underwear under any circumstance

2-      If you have a big presentation at work and on your way in you spilled coffee on your shirt or pants, then you definitely  need to bribe a co-worker to trade clothes

3-      If you are at a party and someone you like or have a crush on walks in, you did not know they would be there and you are dressed like a walking yard sale, you need to pull a better dressed friend aside and trade.

4-      If you get to a family function and realize there is still lipstick on your collar from the your wild night before, you need to pull cousin Huey aside and ask him if he’ll trade with you and take one for the team.

5-      If you show up to an event under dressed, maybe you could convince a waiter to give you his tie and jacket for the right price of course.

6-      If you show up to a costume/theme party in a great costume but it turns out it was not a costume party.  You may be stuck on this one as I am sure no one will trade with you.

Whatever the case may be you want to avoid pulling a tradeoff if you can.  Especially in public!  Think before you leave your home.  Ask yourself, Do I look great, Am I comfortable enough, Will I be sorry I wore this? and so on.  There are so many situations that may be a wardrobe malfunction in need of a change up.  Just be careful, whether you are desperate or not, not every guy is willing to pull the switch-a-roo for you.