Working Way Too Hard

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For the most part it is women who wear the tighter clothing and men the looser.  Nowadays that is not as much the case.  I was squeezing my not-so-skinny self into a dress today that I am suppose to wear in a wedding two weeks from now and quickly realized that I looked like a stuffed sausage.  Today I was fully aware of how horrible I looked, but I began to think about how many men I see that look awful in clothes that are…


I know skinny jeans are in, and being metro sexual, a hipster, or just trendy is en vogue but there is such a thing as your jeans being too skinny.  Why do I see so many men walking around with neck fat pouring over their collars, bulging crotches, muffin tops, practically exposed flabby man boobs, or the all time worst; bellies pouring out from under a shirt?  No one wants to date guy whose clothes are working way too hard.  Seriously, you need to try on clothes before you buy them and on that note don’t walk around looking like you picked up your outfit in the boys department.  Never ever purchase an article of clothing that is too tight while promising yourself you’ll lose weight.  You’ll wind up keeping the extra pounds and then you’ll love the outfit, squeeze into it anyway and look like a fool.  I have met so many men who hold on to clothes that are too tight in the hopes that one day they will be back to their high school weight or be as thin as they were after recovering from mono.  Dream on! It is never going to happen.  Donate the way-too-skinny stuff and move on with your life.  Don’t be afraid to buy the size that fits you and for the love of all things holy ask a sales person for help.  If you are a bigger guy, wearing clothes that are too small will only make you look larger.  If you are fit, wearing skinny stuff is ok, just make sure what you are wearing does not show us all of your goods.  If you are not sure how skinny is too skinny here is a tip; if you need to lie down on your bed, have another person assist you, or say ten Hail Mary’s before putting something on, it is too tight! Finally, read the labels.  You will be sorry if your favorite shirt becomes the victim of dryer shrinkage or washing machine damage.  There is no going back at that point, you have to say goodbye.

Quick Aside:  If you are broad in the chest and/or shoulders and have trouble finding a dress shirt that fits properly for a decent price, try Express.  They cater to this body type and have the best assortment of colors.